Bohol Tour Joiner – Bohol Day Tour

Bohol Tour Joiner is one of the most requested Bohol Day Tour Joiner activities and tourist attraction in Bohol. It is compose of Top 10 tourist destination in Bohol and you will experience seeing chocolate hills, tarsier , riding floating restaurant in loboc river during lunch and more sightseeing spots.

Whats the best thing about Bohol Tour Joiner?

It’s a best budget travel guide and itinerary, people shared experience together in a group. Same interest and likes. Most travelers love to travel alone and they are looking for somewhat they say “Sould Searching”, “Summer Getaway”, “Fun Tour”. It’s positive way to mingle with other people in a tour because the more the big groups will be more fun. Before the Tour event happen, preparation is stick because this itineary is fix. What will happen in 1st Day of Tour will stay as it is. Some people requesting for ADD-ON spots doing sidetrips like zipline, waterbike, atv ride and other slight adventure activities but before it will happen the decision will pick for majority.

Sidetrips are very much exciting too because usually it courage to do the adventure. Most likely will do on the air. Really? Hanging you in the air and keep moving the zip is not easy because some people are afraid and dont have confidence to take it. So in a joiner tour we stick to the itinerary listed before adding such add or adventourous part.

Bohol tour Joiner Expectation

Most of the travelers want to join because it is the most known itinerary, budget friendly and easy to book anytime because you can travel with the amount of 600php per head. In this activities you are able to join mix of different travelers either single or group of people coming from different places. Mixing with other companionship is so much fun. Its a modern way traveling with anyone else those people who dont know who to be with.

Because people came from different places during arrival point like tagbilaran seaport, airport and specific assigned hotel so there is only one pickup point at all. Before activity starts all guest will be pickup on Jojies Bakeshop near Burgos Street, Tagbilaran. The tour starts 8:30am – 10:00 am in the mornin. Traveler should not be late at the said time.

Bohol Joiner Tour will experience Visiting:
– Chocolate hills
– Tarsier
– Manmade Forest
– Loboc River
– Baclayon Church
– Blood Compact
– Butterfly Center
– Hanging Bridge

Here are some of the spots preview in the activities

The activities will end nearly 4pm-5pm depending on the travel duration and Drop-off will be same us pickup point. After tour, Traveler spending time going to the beautiful sand beach of Panglao to feel the fresh air, swimming overnights, and capturing memories by photos for what they are doing, Some of them roaming around the city of Tagbilaran like going the church attending mass, clubs and visiting mall just to explore Bohol.

Joiner could be done also in island hopping for sea tour or what they guest most commonly called bohol island hoppping, 1 day beach tour in Alona, or island hopping in Panglao. Those are the same activities offered but what makes different is that some of them includes meal, additional activities to add like turtle watching and add-up meal during lunch. This could be optional since its a joiner tour also mean you are renting the vechicle/boat either LAND or Water Transport then you need to get pay all by your own expense regarding the entracne fee and your meal.

Guest can eat in affordable food in Balicasag Island during the Island Hopping during lunch. Delicious fresh seafood you may found by choices and its healthy and no added preservative since its a direct food fish and crab coming the sea. You may swim in balicasag island as a part of activities wearing life vest and snorkeling. Booking a joiner tour will be ahead 2 days before guest travel date. This will gives seats availability and to assure guest can do the trip. Schedules are open everyday.

Mininum Persons for Bohol Tour Joiner

This travel services offers atleast 1 person to join and max of 12 persons capacity for each Van. Joiner could do the trips greater than 12 when they will use Coaseter or Van as wider capacity in seats. But this coaster and Bus is fit for large groups. It could do the same as JOINER but having those large vechicle is for Rental Only. Where larger groups will rent it directly to have exclusive trips not to join for mix different people as JOINER.

Difference Between Bohol Tour Joiner, Bohol Tour Rent Vehicle and Joiner Tour Package in Bohol?

A. Bohol Tour Joiner
Where you join the tour mixing with different people together as one in a VAN vehicle. Entrance fee from tourist spots must have their own expense.

B. Bohol Tour Rent Vehicle
Where you rent the vehicle exclusively as private Van and you own it the whole trip without mixing with other people. Though same applies happen when you pay for your entrance fee in every spots that you visits.

C. Joiner Tour Package in Bohol
This term is referring to Bohol Tour Package. You really could not do JOINER PACKAGE because when you avail the package it seems that you paid for all inclusions like vehicle, entrance fee, meals and hotel room accommodation. We dont offer mix people to avail the package because this only happend if they avail the Tour Package in Bohol as Private Travelers. No mixing or joining tour with others.

Sidetrips in a Bohol Joiner tour will be more Fun

This portion we can do if you choose private tour when you book meaning not a JOINER tour. You will travel exclusively with your friends, family or your partner. Adding sidetrip is a good choice to experience. On a zipline part you will hang on the air and do the moving transfer Top to Top or should i say mountain to mountain. Same will do on a bikezip but on a bikezip you will ride a bike on the air. You know it feels different aside from excitement you will feel a lil bit nervous when you are afraid on a heights. But this activities implemented safe and secure in Tourism.

Most Common Reason why People Love to Visit People

Bohol has filled with blessed nature and hospitable people. It is a paradise will you able to see good place to unwind, relax and wipe out your stres and turn into perfect mode. Especially in a place of Panglao Island where you will see beuatiful sand beaches. In every places you will visit people will accommodate and serve you during Bohol Tour.

Best Season to Travel in Bohol for Joiner

Since Bohol is the most visited place by any travelers. Actually it is always has a good season for everybody. You can travel anytime not just because its summer, christmas, holidays, especial days and off duties but beacause Bohol is a lovely place to visit and no one came here that don’t bring smile in their faces. Surely you will get satisfaction and happiness, stress free and fun moment.

How to get there in Panglao Island

Getting into panglao island is surely accessable because every port in tagbilaran bohol has a public and private vehicle offered in every transfer. There will be car, van or even public vehicle on designated area. Riding there is not difficult as there are many options.

Most known services are:
1. Tagbilaran to Panglao Transfer
2. Panglao to Tagbilaran Transfer
3. Tagbilaran to Alona Beach in Panglao Transfer

For riding a car it cost 500 per one way transfer upto 4 persons max capacity, 700 pesos for Van upto 12 persons max capacity, 1000 for coaster upto 24 persons max capacity and 20 pesos for public vehicle like jeepney. Some of the travelers will do DIY to get there.
In panglao island, it filled with numbers of beuatiful white sand beaches.

Joiner Map Travel Guide going to Alona Panglao Island, Bohol

Best Hotel Accommodation for Bohol Tour Joiner

There are lot of options where do you wanna stay for a night for room accommodation. When picking your accommodation it is up to you if you go for Budget Hotel, Standard Hotel or High-End Hotel. Usually travelers go for a budget type hotel where it fits to their pocket. We suggested guest to go for the most Commmon affordable Beach in Panglao with good quality and these hotel are recommended “Tierra Azul Resort” and “Dumaluan Beach Resort” and lot more.

When it comes to budget hotel this will take place and get short listed when giving best recommendation to the the Joiner travelers because this will fit to their budget and also the place is elegant, clean, fresh and the resort is Beach Front. You can walk closely to the beach and swim. It is located in Alona Beach Panglao. Joiner will be having more fun because they can stay at beach longer time lying on the sand, culpting the white sand, taking picture and having fun.

For everyone who know more about Bohol Tour Joiner you can drop some comments in the box and share your experience to us. And if you found this article really helpful then share it. Feel free to ask those interested readers. Visit Bohol now.